In today’s modern age, Having a website is critical for any business, it’s good for sharing information about your business and what is offers.  However, there isn’t much interaction between the business and consumer. Social Media Marketing has become a platform for business’s to interact and engage with consumers.

According to statistics, the rise in social media use has grown exponentially. Nowadays almost everybody at least has Facebook. As nice as social media is for connecting with people it can also be used to boost your brand.

Writing online reviews about business’s has become more and more prevalent. Reviews help with search engine rankings and show the search engines that your business has a good social media following.

Not all reviews are positive. Unfortunately, consumers turn to websites like Yelp to write bad reviews too. If you respond to those reviews in a professional manner, it will shows consumers that you care about your business.

You can use sites like Facebook to generate polls or surveys for your customers.  Once you get the results you can better tailor your business to meet the needs of your customers.  This will give you important marketing information so that you can actually know what your customers want as opposed to guessing what they want

I would strongly recommend that you incorporate social media marketing into your business. You will increase your site ranking, get more traffic, and an increase in overall business.

You can use social media to make a big announcement or change in your brand or business. As well as big announcements, you can announce any sales or promotions you have coming up.

As a small company, you can manage your social media by yourself, but once you start getting business coming in and start getting busy you can find a social media manager that can work with your social media.  They may even have years of experience that they can share with you to boost your business.