Today, I’m sharing my local Los Angeles SEO tip for my local Angelinos. How to rank in Google’s local map pack. Of course, this is not just a Local Los Angeles SEO tip, these tips can be used for any business across the nation. Ranking in Google’s Local Map Pack is a very valuable position for a local business.The Google Map Pack is currently displayed before the organic search results for local businesses. This is hot piece of real estate you want to get your hands on.

Los Angeles SEO tip




Getting online reviews for your business seems to currently be one of the key ranking factors for Google. BrightLocal conducted a survey which stated that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. As a consumer this statistic has to be taken with a grain of salt because a large majority of the reviews online are fake or a disgruntled competitor trying to hurt another business. Regardless, of if the reviews are fake or not, they work.

Well how do you get more reviews from your customers? Simply ask. You can also offer a free service as an incentive. If you do Auto Repair offer a free oil change for a review. You’ll get paid back in spades.

Second, you want to make sure to optimize your Google My Business profile to get your free listing.

Make sure you fill out your profile in it’s entirety and be very specific on the services you offer. Add your business logo and pictures of your physical location. This is really important for SEO.

Now this next step is very important. Google will send a postcard to your business address to claim your business listing. This postcard will have a special code on it that you’ll need to verify that your business is actually at the physical address you claim it is. This is one of the most important steps so make sure you do it.

When you are submitting to different directories, make sure that your name, phone number and address are spelled the same for each directory listing.

For example if your address is 750 N Kenter Ave, make sure every listing is spelled 750 N Kenter Ave and not 750 North Kenter Ave for one and 750 North Kenter Avenue for another. They all should be spelled exactly the same.

If you go to YEXT you can do a free search of your business and see which directories you haven’t submitted your business to you yet. You can also see how your directory listing is displayed for the directories you did submit too. I have done this before and I had noticed that my address wasn’t spelled the same for each directory so you want to make sure and fix that.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly. If your site is outdated and not responsive it wont show up on your mobile device. It’s a fact that today more people use their phone than their computer to go online. Make sure your site is mobile friendly and that your site has a responsive website design.

Make sure you submit your website to as many local directories as possible. Other than Google, Yelp is probably the biggest business directory currently out there. When you add pictures to your Yelp directory listing make sure to fill out the description for each picture and use keywords while doing it. All this stuff is very important. Don’t be lazy when filling out your business directory listing profile.

Make sure you are niche specific. The more niche specific you are the easier it will be to rank. It’s much easier to rank for Culver City SEO than Los Angeles SEO. Los Angeles SEO is very broad. Keywords that are more competitive are harder to rank for.


So that is our Local Los Angeles SEO tip for the day. Would you like your website to rank in the Google Map Pack? Let us, the experts do it for you. Contact us for a free consultation.