These days Traditional advertising (paper ads, radio ads, etc.) is becoming much less effective. The Internet has changed the competitive landscape for businesses and how they gain exposure. Exposure is now largely determined by who has the most optimized website for a search query. In today’s tech-driven society, it is crucial for companies to focus on their online presence in order to attract consumers.

Local SEO is much more niche specific which means it’s easier to rank for the specific keyword than National SEO. National SEO is much broader. What’s more likely to rank easier, Orlando Divorce Lawyer or Florida Divorce Lawyer?

National SEOThe broader the search term the higher the search volume and the more competition. A National SEO Campaign will be a longer term investment than a Local one. There are many factors in ranking a given keyword. Two of the most critical are Keyword Analysis and Link Building.


The key words in your web content are one of the things that make it possible for people to find your website via the search engines. You need to know how people are looking for the services, products, or information that you offer, in order to make it easy for them to find you—otherwise, they’ll land on one of the many other pages in the Google results. SEO KEYWORD ANALYSIS will help your site rank above your competitors.

Building a list of keywords is the first step in any SEO Campaign. The same mistakes are often repeated when it comes to SEO keyword research:

  • Only doing SEO keyword research once in the beginning
  • Not expanding their SEO keyword list of terms
  • Targeting keywords that are highly competitive

SEO keyword research is an ongoing thing.You are much more likely to have success with keywords that aren’t as competitive. The more niche specific the easier it will be to rank. Providing great content is what Google and your visitors love. You want content on your website that other people would want to share on social media. This is one of the most effective ways to rank high in organic search.


National SEO Los Angeles

Search engines see a link from another website to yours as a sign that your site has good content. This in turn increases traffic to your site.

Links pointed to your website from High Authoritative websites is a core component of great SEO.  A solid link building strategy is key in powering up your site and the keyword ranking.

The most important function of a Search Engine is to provide the most valuable and relevant results to the queries made by a user.

There are many factors which determine what Search Engines take into consideration when rating inbound links.

  • The relevance of the site linking to yours
  • The quality of the content from the linking site
  • The Anchor Text which is the words that the link is embedded in that links to your site

Search Engines use an algorithm to rank web sites. This algorithm takes into consideration on-site and off-site factors collected by the bots or spiders. Data is then evaluated in order to come up with a ranking.

Search Engines like Google are constantly making updates to weed out sites that are trying to manipulate a Search Engine’s results.

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